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Hello, my name is Tessa Kammer! 

My inspiration comes from intangible and indescribable experiences, emotions and thoughts, as well as trauma. If something happened in my life it affected my art and I attempt to recreate those ideas. I believe that my eyes and brain capture and store the information needed for my art. I look at and absorb everything around me with my eyes as the lens, then let it develop until the inspiration starts the process of art making. In this digital world, I take pride in creating tangible and tactile pieces of art. The sensory experience is important for me. I want to engage all of the viewers senses, except maybe don't taste my art.. Another component of my art includes found items as well as recycled materials. I believe that art can be made out of anything! <3

If you are interested in buying something, commissioning me to make your next masterpiece, or just want to chat you can reach me at : :)

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